Life in the Woods
| 2012
Video installation in 16:9 HD video, 12 minutes and 25 seconds, on a loop. Displayed on a 210 x 380 cm rear projection screen. Music composed by Juan Manuel Artero.

A delirious reflection on the way the economic crisis and political corruption have led us in search of new expectations of life. Life in the Woods does not present an idyllic return to nature along the lines of Henry D. Thoreau’s essay Walden, Life in the Woods, but shows a return to the woods based on the idea of "taking to the hills", facing the collapse of the basic structures of contemporary society.

Approached with irony and postmodern absurdity, it is a series of images where the interplay between painting and technology are combined with political corruption, science fiction and most definitely misery and uprootedness. The film was shot in the forest of La Herrería, close to El Escorial, where numerous hermits lived in the Middle Ages.

It is divided in two distinct parts: Life in the woods, strictly speaking, and Pay Time, a piece that uses the Stop Motion technique, where we find fragments of, and references to, Jacques Tati’s Play Time.

With: Juan Reyes, Tania Aparecida, Marina Álvarez, Ramón Losa, Basile, José Manuel Peinado, Eva Castaño and Ana Sainz de Murieta.

Collaborators: Julia Latasa, Iván Pérez, Cristina Bustos, Manuela González Márquez.